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HyperText Markup Language




Check Out this Useful Tool
Evaluate Text and Background Color Combinations
You select Text and Background colors and then view a page incorporating your colors.

Editing Tools

. EditPlus HTML knowledge required Free to evaluate
Notepad++ HTML knowledge required Free download
Dreamweaver No HTML knowledge required. WYSIWYG Available online.




HTML Reference Sources

. HTML Standards The World Wide Web Consortium [W3C]. The Source of WWW Protocols.
HTML Writers Guild - Resources Outstanding HTML reference site. Beginner to expert.
Special Characters Library Copy/Paste source codes for special characters, e.g. ☜
HTML5 Cliptext Convert a text document into a web page with this clip text.





. W3C HTML Validation Service Free On-line HTML Validator
W3C CSS Validator Free On-line Cascading Style Sheet Validator





Tools Evaluate Text and Background Color Combinations Select Text and Background colors, and see a test Web Page incorporating the colors. (JavaScript)
URL Encode and Decode Escape and Unescape URL strings with this Conversion Tool. (JavaScript)
WHOIS WHOIS reports information about a domain.
Header Information Learn what information your browser sends when requesting a Web Page. (PHP Script)
Host Name From IP Address Enter an IP address to look up the Host Name. (PHP Script)
Day-Of-Week Find the day of the week for any date.



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