Prank Suggestions for
Ajo High School Students

As a result of the severe consequences for the 2010 senior prank,
future classes should consider the following suggestions:

  1. Don't pull a prank.

    (If this option is not acceptable, read on.)

  2. Do not enter classrooms, offices or any School District buildings even if you have a key, or you find the door unlocked. Entering without permission is criminal trespass.
  3. Do not do anything that will result in expense to the School District.
  4. If a mess is made, offer to clean it up the following school day.
  5. Pranks directed at teachers and staff should be kind-spirited.
  6. Get the Principal's approval of the planned prank.
  7. Inform the Sheriff's department of the date, time and nature of the prank, if it is scheduled to occur outside of school hours.
  8. Leave a note on the office door stating that the school has been pranked by the following students of the Class of 20xx. All pranksters sign the note. If you follow the suggestions given above, you should be proud to sign it.

The purpose of a school prank is to create a long lasting memory of how clever and resourceful your class was. Acts of vandalism do not indicate resourcefulness. Don't allow any members of your group to resort to vandalism. Your whole group will be judged by the actions of individuals. Keep the prank within the law and you won't face the long term stigma of a criminal record. Create a prank that is a comical display of school spirit and you will be proud to admit that you were a participant.

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