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Ajo Arizona (AZ 85321)
Fact Sheet

The current location of Ajo, Arizona was founded by the New Cornelia Copper Company, a subsidiary of Calumet and Arizona Mining Company, in about 1915. The company owned town was established to house the workers at the adjacent open pit copper mine. Phelps Dodge acquired the Calumet and Arizona Mining Company in 1931. The mine was closed in 1985, and most of the Company owned non-mining properties were sold to the current residents. Two of these properties are shown in these photos of the Ajo Plaza and Curley School.

It's not always hot in Ajo. Winter conditions are usually very mild, thus the local expression, "Ajo is where summer spends the winter." Check the current Ajo weather, as reported from our local weather station.

Golfers and private pilots enjoy the Ajo Country Club golf course and adjacent Ajo Municipal Airport.

A good way to cool off during hot summer days is to take a dip in the Ajo Community Swimming Pool.

Check out these Aerial Photos of Ajo, Az. Points of interest include the open pit copper mine, airport and a view of the complete "city."

The source of Ajo's water has an interesting history.

Here is a full report of the Ajo municipal water quality. Why, Arizona, the sister city of Ajo, pumps their municipal water from a deep well located approximately 16 miles South of the Ajo's deep well. The water quality report for Why, Arizona indicates a few significant differences when compared to the Ajo water.

The Ajo Landfill (trash dump) is available for the disposal of local residential refuse.

Modern communities are dependent on a consistent supply of electricity to homes and businesses. Weather and other factors sometimes cause interruption of electric power to Ajo. Ajo Arizona Power Outage History reports power interruptions since mid 2009.

Traffic on highway 85 sometimes bottlenecks in Ajo. Travelers to, and from, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico should consider taking the traffic loop around the Ajo business district.

View the Arizona Department of Education report card for Ajo High School and Ajo Elementary School.

An on again, off again tradition at Ajo High School is Senior pranks. The Senior pranks of 2008 and 2010 were very similar, but the reaction of the school administration and the consequences for the students were worlds apart. Here are some suggestions for class pranks that should insure that your class pranks are viewed as clownish displays of school spirit, rather than criminal acts.



Current Ajo Arizona Temperature
See the full Ajo weather report.


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